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Formatting Gantt Chart in FusionWidgets v3

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I am trying to format a Gantt chart. Here is the how I am invoking the functionality.





var myChart = new FusionCharts("../FusionWidgets/Charts/Gantt.swf", "Gantt Chart", "1000", "800",0,0);


myChart.setDataURL("request/page?id=1030%2526eid=" + );







Here the chart will always be rendered in 1000*800 space irrespective of data which can vary. and hence the chart will look good for some queries and ugly for some. How do I give it a value so that it can determine how to deliver it appropriately.




We just purchased 3 licenses of fusionwidgets. This is really a showstopper for us. Can you help us. Can I have number to call?

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On the same topic, there is another formatting issue which we are having. The tasks are not wrapping. I have sepcified the following parameters for chart element.





caption='{$parent_text_id} {$parent_name}'


ganttPaneDurationUnit='y' showFullDataTable='0'


ganttWidthPercent='70' forceGanttWidthPercent='1' animation='1'


showToolTip='1' dateInToolTip='0'>




Based on the documentation, this should wrap the text in the task/process elements. But it is not happening. Is there any other attribute that I am missing. Any help will be appreciated. We need this asap.

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As for the sizing of chart, since the chart is a Flash object, we cannot change the chart size from within the chart. You can run some calculations on your data size before creating the chart.




As for formatting error, can you please send us the XML at support [at]

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