Use Full name not ID

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Is there any way in Fusion Maps to use Full names like










in USA map for entity tab instead of specified internal attributes like 'NY' or 'TX'.





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Here is the snippet of my code




[map showcanvasborder=0" usesnameinlabels="0" bordercolor="FFFFFF" connectorcolor="000000" fillalpha="80" showbevel="0" legendbordercolor="F1f1f1" hovercolor="FFFFFF" legendposition="bottom]




[entity id=Colorado" value="200]


[entity id=Texas" value="10]


[entity id=New York" value="150]





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Hi Pallav,




I'd like to do what Dhruv is hoping to achieve as well. That is: I'd like to refer to entities by fields other than their internal ID when I'm setting their values. Here's the scenario I'm in: I've got data for a whole bunch of countries in my database, and each country on my end is referred to by its two-character country code, which seems to be the same kind as the one you use in your NewWorld Specification Sheet for each entity's Short Name. What I'd like to do is just be able to go ahead and refer to each entity by its Short Name instead of its ID, because your Short Names already match my country names, and my country names certainly don't match your internal IDs. Is there an easy way to do this, or am I going to have to write code that'll have to do some gross mapping using the specification sheet to create a huge section in my XML, remapping entity IDs to the short names they already have (and should in theory know about)?







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