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I am trying to create real time line graph for the project. Do you know who to create real time graph using php?

<td><button value="<?php echo $currencyArrayWithSlashExplode[$cntAA]?>" class="clean blue-button table-btn-font" ><?php echo number_format($exchangeRates['forexList'][$cnt]['changes'], 4?></button></td>

This button contain an array of result --> I need to use this array to create a line graph, like the image attached


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Real-time charts automatically update themselves after every n seconds, without any page refreshes, by getting new data

You need to provide the data using the supported API method - feedData(). Refer to the below link for details :

You can also check the API method list for further description :

To render charts in PHP environment, you need to use the FusionCharts PHP wrapper :


Also find a sample for reference :




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