Pie2d and doughnut2d Render Error

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Hi Experts,

I'm using FusionChart trail edition, recently, I found an issue with Safari browser (both Mac and iPhone Safari), which could be reproduced.

FusionChart works good in normal page, however, after I use window.history.pushState/replaceState functions to change current URL, all pie2d and doughnut2d charts would become black as the snapshot I enclosed.

You can reproduce the issue by follow steps in a Safari browser:


2. After open the page, call window.history.replaceState(null,null,'test.php') in browser debug console.

3.  Use mouse cursor hover on the doughnut2d chart, you will see the doughnut2d chart  become black.


Looking forward to your response. 





Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 11.18.59 PM.png

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