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So the general idea of the page is to show average durations of tasks assigned to groups of people in my environment. I got that all working. However I was requested to add a new feature to this page, exporting the IDs of the tasks within the subset I take the average from. Is there a way to append an extra column or something to the excel export function? Currently exporting to excel outputs 3 columns in the bar chart: the labels, the first stack data, the second stack data. I am wanting to possibly add a string of comma delimited numbers to a fourth column without changing the existing stacked bar chart. How might I achieve this? I cannot link the page or code, it is on an intranet network.

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Hi WolfgangJT,

We appreciate the use case you have. As of now there is no support and workaround for appending an extra column to any export function's output.

Please feel free to revert us back for any further assistance.

Hope this would help.

Srishti Jaiswal

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