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Rudy Tanaga

Cannot pass more than 1 parameter using query string

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Please help, i cannot pass more than 1 parameter in setDataURL. Please help me, asap.




This is my code on JSP page :








//strDataURL ="";


strDataURL = encodeDataURL("","false",response);


String chartCode2= createChart("../charts/Pie3D.swf",strDataURL, "", "chart2", 600, 300, false, false);




<%=chartCode2 %>




And this is my java class :




public ActionForward viewchart(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form,


HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {




BaseDynaForm frm = (BaseDynaForm) form;


HttpSession session = request.getSession();


System.out.println(frm.get("kpiID")); //--> i got null in this statement


System.out.println(request.getQueryString()); // --> and i got "doAction=viewchart" it should be "doAction=viewchart&kpiID=10000002"








And i've register my parameter into my bean as below :






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Hi thanks for your response.




I've try it also but get the same error. If i use url encode then the output of querystring will be doAction=viewchart&FCTime=5. Or i should to change my logic for this. The thing is i want to pass a parameter more than 1 when calling the data URL.





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Alternatively, manually encode the & used to divide the querystring parameters with a %20  (it's encoded version).

This worked for my piping through xsl.

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