How to disable axisReferenceVisualsBottom in bar charts?

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I have 2 bar graphs, one standard column, and one horizontal stacked.  Each of these graphs have a border at the start and end of the data.  (i.e. on top and bottom for column graph, and on left and right for stacked).  I have used many options for disabling these borders but none have succeeded.  I have traced this down to an element with the following class name: "axisReferenceVisualsBottom".   Are there any options to remove the lines created by axisReferenceVisualsBottom?

Stacked (left and right borders):



Column (top and bottom):



chart: {
      animation: 0,
      bgColor: '#ffffff',
      canvasBgColor: '#ffffff',
      showAlternateHGridColor: 0,
      showAlternateVGridColor: 0,
      maxLabelWidthPercent: '20',
      showPlotBorder: 0,
      usePlotGradientColor: 0,
      showBorder: 0,
      showCanvasBorder: 0,
      showTooltipforWrappedLabels: 1,
      showValues: 0,
      useEllipsesWhenOverflow: 1,
      showLegend: 0,
      showZeroPlane: 0,
      showVZeroPlane: 0,
      showLabels: 0,
      showDivLineValues: 0,
      showLimits: 0,
      showSecondaryLimits: 0,
      lineAlpha: 0,
      canvasLineAlpha: 0,
      borderAlpha: 0,
      canvasBorderAlpha: 0,
      xAxisLineColor: '#ffffff',
      yAxisLineColor: '#ffffff',
      yAxisValueBgColor: '#ffffff',
      yAxisValueBgAlpha: 0,
      xAxisValueBgColor: '#ffffff',
      xAxisValueBgAlpha: 0,
      showYAxisValues: 0,
      showXAxisValues: 0,
      showXAxisLine: 0,
      showYAxisLine: 0,
      showAnchors: 0,
      numDivLines: 0,
      showDivLineSecondaryValue: 0,

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