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I am using a gantt chart. I fill it with tasks in the following way:

tasks: {
    task: [
        label: "In Use",
        processid: "A",
        start: "1/1/2018",
        end: "13/1/2018",
        bordercolor: "#62B58D",
        color: "#62B58D",
        id: "1"
        label: "Idle",
        processid: "A",
        start: "13/1/2018",
        end: "18/1/2018",
        bordercolor: "#F2726F",
        color: "#F2726F",
        id: "2"

And I get the following chart: 


I need to add images to the start and end of a gantt chart task:


I want to do this with annotations and markers. In the documentation, I found convenient markers for datasets:


With this marker, I can select the desired dataset and add an image for it. But in the Gantt chart, I do not use datasets, but tasks. What marker should I use to find the task I want and add images for it?

Thank you!

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