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Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

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I'm unable to build drill downs links on StackedColumn3DLineDY.

I wonder if it's technically not possible to have links on this type of report.


Others examples use "" instead of the "". Perhaps that has something to do with this limitation


Thanks in advance..

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Again, in your XML, you're putting the links in category elements:

Your XML:

<chart palette='1' caption='R30 ZD - Current State' shownames='1' showvalues='1' connectNullData='0' PYAxisName='Counts' numDivLines='4' legendPosition ='BOTTOM'><categories><category label='FS00092' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00092'/><category label='FS00093-R30' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00093%2DR30'/><category label='FS00096' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00096'/><category label='FS00098' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00098'/><category label='FS00105' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00105'/><category label='FS00108' link='Rept%5FFixVersionDetail%2Easp%3FFixVersion%3DFS00108'/></categories> <dataset seriesName='Active' color='990033' plotFillAlpha='50' parentYAxis='P'> <set value='20'/> <set value='21'/> <set value='8'/> <set value='111'/> <set value='7'/> <set value='3'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Resolved' color='FFCC00' plotFillAlpha='50' parentYAxis='P'> <set value='22'/> <set value='76'/> <set value='19'/> <set value='81'/> <set value='29'/> <set value='33'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Closed' color='006600' plotFillAlpha='10' showValues='0' parentYAxis='S'> <set value='64'/> <set value='944'/> <set value='641'/> <set value='151'/> <set value='53'/> <set value='87'/> </dataset> </chart>

As I had suggested (and as per our docs at, you need to put them in <set> element.

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