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Rahul Kumar

xsl transform of ampersand breaks caption and currency display

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i need to display currency symbols in a chart's caption. currency symbols in axis value labels aren't really that good looking... a lot of wasted space.




i have a setup where i'm transforming and writing out an xml file that is referenced by the fusion chart in an html page.






works for the numberPrefix, but does not work when used in the caption text. i tried using the html code for it, {&}{#}163;, and that works when hardcoded.




however, when i'm processing the xml data with xsl and doing the transform, the parser needs to translate the "&" into &. This then breaks the processing of the symbol reference as it doesn't know how to parse the &. i.e. get a "Text for Caption ( {&}amp;{#}136; )".




Has anyone encountered this?




thanks in advance. hopefully i've provided enough info.



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