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Rahul Kumar

Displaying discontinues data

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Hi experts,


I am in great need of your help. I am trying to produce a multi-series Line chart.


Key requirements are:




1. X- axis would consist for Months. ( Should add a new month automatically when data gets available)




2. I dont have the data for all the datasets for all months (Some datasets have data from July till january, some have from oct to january ) , now how do I show Null data for a particular dataset? Just for the purpose of making it work, i filled in zeros and produced the chart, but i dont want to display zeros when thr is no data as such.




3. I have attached the screen shot ( you can see the zero data for most of the datasets on x axis) and the code used to generate it ( pretty crappy approach to build it )




Please suggest or edit this present code, so that I can display null data and data points for different datasets should be aligned properly.



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Could you please try using <set value='' /> or <set /> if you have null data, also if you want to connect these null data then you could use connectNullData='1' attribute in <chart> element.

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