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Tooltext for stacks of values

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In some "fixed-y-axis" series, there's a high chance of two or more series having the same value at the same x.


With the same sized anchors, only the top serie will be visible, covering the other series.




Is there any way of enabling all of the series to display their tooltext when hovering the top anchor?




Let's for example say that we're listing the top yearly sales month for 10 products over 10 years, where 1 represents January and 12 December.


Most likely, the 10 different products will often have the same "top sales" month. If i where to hover, let's say December, i would only see one of the series on that point.


How can i instead show a stack of all tooltexts available for that point when hovering?







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I'm afraid you cannot show tool tips for all series, as of now. We are considering adding this to our future major versions.

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