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Save as image does not work for several charts

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It seems that soon we'll be completely disappointed with acquiring your product. Either it is oriented on simple tasks only or you will be able to explain how this component works.


When I try to save three charts as images using such code:


function SaveChartAsImage()


var chtRURSave = getChartFromId('chtRUR');


var chtRRRSave = getChartFromId('chtRRR');


var chtRCRSave = getChartFromId('chtRCR');






the order in which images are saved is different from the sequence in the source code. IMHO Javascript is executed async.




And due to such behaviour only obehavior(sometimes two) from those three is saved to disk.




Is there anybody who knows how to handle this issue?




And, why there are no *.fla files available in your FusionCharts package? (only *.as files)

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This feature works following this process:




1. Each chart being a Flash animation needs to collect the image data


2. Once collected the data is posted to the server side image saving script.




The time taken by the 'image data collection' or capture process takes time as per the size of the chart. Hence, the data does not gets posted sequentially but as when the capture phase is over.




Could you please update to our latest version 3.1 where we have shunned saveAsImage feature and introduced a smarter feature called 'export'. Though this process still pass through the capture phase the image saving to server becomes simpler.




.Fla files are provided with the Enterprise License.

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