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Rahul Kumar

Auto adjust and decrease the width between values.

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I am using the Fusion charts v3.1.




I have two issues:




1 ) I need the chart's x-axis lables to adjust automatically... Is there any option to auto adjust?.




2 ) How to decrease the width between the x-axis values in the charts.




Please give your reply. It will very use full for me..

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I am afraid, both of these features is not supported as of now.
But you could try using rotateLabels='1' and  labelDisplay attribute in <chart> element.
labelDisplay String WRAP, STAGGER, ROTATE or NONE Using this attribute, you can control how your data labels (x-axis labels) would appear on the chart. There are 4 options: WRAP, STAGGER, ROTATE or NONE. WRAP wraps the label text if it's longer than the allotted area. ROTATE rotates the label in vertical or slanted position. STAGGER divides the labels into multiple lines.
rotateLabels Boolean 0/1 This attribute lets you set whether the data labels would show up as rotated labels on the chart.
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I came across several similar questions, regarding adjusting the gap size betweeen x-axis values. This is the earliest I have found about the question (other one was in June i believe), and you said that the feature request was added and will be released in next update.




Since its been around 9 months since this post, any status updates? This is a common issue/request i believe, and would be great to be able to adjust the gap between x values.

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