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Back option is not working for Fusion charts -DashBoard

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i m working for Fusioncharts. My charts have 4 dimensions. Each on click of the Dashboard we get one dimension of Particular Dashboard.

For Example ,

My dashboard have the dimension like taxno,amount,Duedate,ClientVersion.

while loading the page ,it show the dashboard(taxno).Still after the page cant refreshing. only Javascript doing remaining things

 now onclick the dashboard(taxno) ,we get the new dashboard(amount),now onclick the dashboard(amount) ,we get the new dashboard(Duedate),now onclick the dashboard(Duedate) ,we get the new dashboard(ClientVersion).now onclick the dashboard(ClientVersion) ,dashboard(ClientVersion) is not change.Now its fixed one.

The problem is , while right click the mouse , on the dashboard we get the property "Back".

while click the "Back", the dashboard goto Previous one.

for example now  i m in  dashboard(Duedate),while click the "Back " option , i will get dashboard(amount) . But this is not happening.what i do,...

R u hav any solution....

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