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Internet Explorer blocks Image Export when Frames are used

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Hi Fusion Charts,




I am experiencing an issue in Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 (under Windows XP) with the Export Image functionality over frames. Internet Explorer blocks the image download with a security message under the address bar.




Here is a screenshot:




And here is an example frameset I have setup to replicate the issue:




When you click the 'Download File..' link in the security popup, nothing happens. No download is started. This only happens when frames are used.




I have tried lowering all my Security and Privacy settings to minimum settings but the issue remains.




I suspect this issue is caused because IE tries to protect the user as it thinks the user is being served a file to download automatically across frames, without actually requesting it. Internet Explorer thinks that the download was not initiated by the user because they didn't click a hyperlink to download the file, which is the standard way to start a download. (As you and I know however the user has actually requested to download the file from Flash, but IE cannot detect this).




This issue does not occur in Mozilla Firefox 3 for me. I don't think this issue is limited to the PowerCharts Radar graph as I have used here either.




Is there a fix for this issue?








Many thanks








Jonathan Stucken

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Guest Angie

Dear User,


We are delighted to announce that PowerCharts is now ready for your iPads and iPhones too. We have just released PowerCharts v3.2. Starting v3.2, PowerCharts has HighCharts embedded within it, and offers both Flash and JavaScript (HTML5) charting . The Flash charts are displayed on a majority of devices and the JavaScript charts on devices that do not support Flash, all of it without writing a line of code.


Automatic rendering of JavaScript charts on devices (like iPad and iPhone) where Flash player is not supported.


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Heat Map Chart


Box and Whisker Chart


Step Line Chart


Error Line Chart


Error Scatter Chart



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* Support for LinkedCharts, where a single data source controls multiple charts.


* Interactive legends in charts allow selective showing/hiding of data series.


* Legends now support icons for each data series.


* Better management of labels on charts.


* Labels now have an auto rendering mode to prevent them from overlapping, the chart selects the best display mode depending on the length of the labels and the width of the chart.


* Long labels are truncated, with ellipses appended to the truncated end of each label, and a tooltip bearing the completed label text is displayed when the user hovers over a truncated label.


* Support for line breaks and wrapping in all text elements including: caption, sub caption, X-axis title, Y-axis title, Labels and tooltips.


* In Line charts, data values can now be positioned either above or below the dataplots. Automatic positioning of data values is also supported.


* In Step-line charts dataplots can be joined using vertical lines.


* Custom alignment of caption and sub caption using STYLES.


* Advanced print management using JavaScript.


* Additional options for efficient event handling using JavaScript.


* Support for dynamic update of chart properties using JavaScript(barring select scatter and drag charts).


* Charts now support % based sizes along with dynamic resizing (barring select scatter and drag charts).



Learn more about everything new in PowerCharts v3.2 at : http:/


We would love to hear from you at:

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