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Gauge Color vs MSColumn3D Color using # or not

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We have created a generic method for generating the XML to render various charts using ASP and C#




A gauge will accept a color defined as #XXXXXX but a MSColumn3D only accepts XXXXXX (no #)




By default colors use the # prefix. Is the MSColumn3D going to accept the # in the future. Are they any charts that require the #?




I really don't want to go through our code to remove the # support.





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Hello Mark,




From v3.1 charts support the # symbol in the color code. Could you please update the charts from and try again? Also, could you please confirm if it is working for you?




If it does not, I would suggest that for now you might consider altering the code, as gauges support hex color codes both with and without the # symbol.




As such, all our charts take hex color values without the # symbol.




I hope this helps. :)

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