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Dashing a line with MSSpline

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Why would a line not display as dashed when using the MSSpline chart type?

I can't think of anything else to set in the XML to get this to display correctly.


chart chartRightMargin='25' legendPadding='3' legendShadow='0'

formatNumberScale='0' baseFont='Arial' showValues='0' chartTopMargin='5'

caption='' showBorder='0' legendBorderThickness='0' baseFontColor='000000'

bgColor='FFFFFF' legendBorderColor='FFFFFF' canvasPadding='25'>


<category label='Month 1' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 2' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 3' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 4' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 5' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 6' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 7' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 8' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 9' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 10' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 11' toolText='' />

<category label='Month 12' toolText='' />


<dataset renderAs='LINE' seriesname='Persistence'>

<set value='100.00' />

<set value='55.18' />

<set value='49.19' />

<set value='32.15' />

<set value='23.29' />

<set value='16.70' />

<set value='10.52' />

<set value='2.98' />

<set value='2.07' />

<set value='1.21' />

<set value='0.83' />

<set value='' />


<dataset renderAs='LINE' dashed='1' lineDashLen='10'

lineDashGap='5' color='90CCFF'>

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='' />

<set value='0.83' />

<set value='0.60' />




<style name='titleFontStyle' type='font' face='Arial' size='12'

bold='1' />



<apply toObject='Caption' styles='titleFontStyle' />





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Welcome to the forum. :)




I am afraid, the plotting line cannot be made a dashed line in a MSSpline chart, currently.




The vertical divisional lines, trend lines, etc can be made dashed.




Hope this helps.

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