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Argument passing in Drill Down Charts

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I am using the drill down chart as described in the example

There is an updateChart() javascript function to which i would like to send multiple arguments. But when i tried to change the arguments to text files, I am getting error saying 'all command not found'. 'all-regr' is the argument i am trying to pass.

Here is the specific code snippet i am referring to. I am copying the definition of the updateChart as i have not changed it from the original. When the argument is a single number like $matches[2] in the case below everything works fine. But when it is a string argument, the browser is trying to execute the argument as a command. I tried various forms of escaping to no avail. I have seen the unescapeLinks comment in a different post and have tried it. But that did not fix the problem either.

Thanks for the help.


  $strXML = "<chart unescapeLinks='0' palette='4' piefillAlpha='34' pieBorderThickness='1' hoverFillColor='FDCEDA' pieBord

erColor='666666' baseFontSize='9' useHoverColor='1' showLabels='1' showValues='1' caption='LSF Usage By Project' showShadow=


  $strXML .= "<category label='all-regr'>";

  system("../../../../../../site_overview/ -l7 -gall-regr| grep Group", $pbsProjects, $retVal);

  exec("cat text.txt", $pbsProjects, $retVal);


  foreach ($pbsProjects as $projects) {

  $i += 1;

  preg_match('/Group = (.*),(d*),(d*)/', $projects, $matches);

  //Note that we're setting link as updateChart(factoryIndex) - JS Function

  $strXML .= "<category value='" . $matches[2]. "' label='" . $matches[1] . "' link='javaScript:updateChart(".$matches[1


  $strXML .= "</category>";


  $strXML .= "</category>";

  //Finally, close <chart> element

  $strXML .= "</chart>";



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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


Could you please send us the XML codes that you are using, as an attachment?

Awaiting your reply. :)

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I am using the example code that is provided in the FusionCharts v3 online documentation. Guide for Web Developers/Using with PHP/PHP, JavaScript & (dataURL) method. Here is the javascript function from the example. It doesn't work when you pass a string value into it.


function updateChart(factoryIndex){


//DataURL for the chart


var strURL = "FactoryData.php?factoryId=" + factoryIndex;




//Sometimes, the above URL and XML data gets cached by the browser.


//If you want your charts to get new XML data on each request,


//you can add the following line:


//strURL = strURL + "&currTime=" + getTimeForURL();


//getTimeForURL method is defined below and needs to be included


//This basically adds a ever-changing parameter which bluffs


//the browser and forces it to re-load the XML data every time.




//URLEncode it - NECESSARY.


strURL = escape(strURL);




//Get reference to chart object using Dom ID "FactoryDetailed"


var chartObj = getChartFromId("FactoryDetailed");


//Send request for XML






Here is the code that sets up the link and passes the parameter to this function. If a string is passed with only one word and no spaces the error is "the string name" is not defined. If you pass it a string with two words and a space the error is "missing)after argument list. missing ) after argument list and [break on this error] updateChart(Europe District) respectively.


$strXML .= "";

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