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JSF + Slicing event of pie chart

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Hallo everybody!

Ist it possible to react on the slicing of the pie chart??

I want to use JSF-ajax implementation with the fusioncharts: for example, if i click on some pie portion and it is sliced, then i want to raise some ajax event and send it on server to change some parts of my web page.

Is it possible in some way?

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Guest Rajroop





Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum. ;)




Unfortunately, this feature is not available in FusionCharts, as of now.




Two events i.e. slicing of the pie and the modifications in some parts of the page, can not be raised on one single click. Either one of the two can be implemented on a single click event only.




Please refer to the Drill down section of our FusionCharts doucumentation page, given by the link below: and click on the Drill Down Charts section on the left menu panel.




I hope this helps. ;)

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