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Drag-node chart with imageNode

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Hi there! :)




I'm testing the drag-node chart but I have found some problems...




I created a node like this:





< set x='50' y='79' id='1' name='Node 1 with a very very very long label'width='80' height='60' alpha='0'


imageNode='1' imageURL='ble.png' imageWidth='80' imageHeight='20' imageAlign='TOP' color='7EE271'/>





I put alpha='0' because I don't wanna show a shape, only an image.


But, it's strange...




Take a look at the image below.


If a change the image's height, the text is cut.


So I can't set the image to the same size of the "set" because the text disappear. :)




Is it a bug?


Is there any workaround to this?








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Hi you can add the following to remove the border.

<dataset plotBorderAlpha='0' allowDrag='1' showformbtn='0'>

as for the height, this is used for the area around the image and not the image it self.

so I do

imageURL='/images/server.gif' imageAlign='MIDDLE'

then height = "height of the gif + xx px for the area above it for the text"


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