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Export and print is not woring in IE. It is working In mozilla firebox.

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I have used followimg xml(only <charts> tag is given).

<chart caption='Exitpages' showValues='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' divLineAlpha='100' numVDivLines='4' 

vDivLineAlpha='0' showAlternateVGridColor='1' alternateVGridAlpha='5' labelStep='1' bgColor='CADCE6,FOFOFO'  bgAngle='270'

bgAlpha='100,0' alternateHGridAlpha='5' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='0' exportFileName='CEM4Mobile'

exportAction='download' exportHandler='/cem4mobile-portal/jsp/FCExporter.jsp'>


I have used FusionCharts.js and FusionChartsExportComponent.js file. Here I have attached FCExporter.jsp file and  java script error.


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When we click export button , we call the following script :

function <portlet:namespace/>exportCharts(exportType)


alert('exportType ::' + exportType + 'instanceName : ' + '<%=instanceName%>') ;

//Get reference to chart.

var chart = getChartFromId('<%=instanceName%>');


'chart ::' + chart) ;

// Now, we proceed with exporting only if chart has finished rendering.

if (chart.hasRendered() != true)


alert("Please wait for the chart to finish rendering, before you can invoke exporting");



// call exporting function

chart.exportChart( {exportFormat: exportType} );




I got the error in the above script in "red" color marked area.

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Guest Rajroop

Hello Peris,




Could you please try exporting with Flash Player 10 when using IE? :)




If the above suggestion doesn't prove to be fruitful, could you please mail us at: [email protected] and share with us your complete running code and live examples/URL, if available i.e.?





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