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X axis item labels on 2 rows

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Hi, I have a small question:


How can I display an item label, on X axis on 2 rows like:


name 1


name 2 ?


I'm using JAVA, I tried separating the names by '' but there is no change. Is this possible ?




Thanks. ;)




P.S. I attached a sample of the XML code.


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Guest Rajroop





Could you please provide us with a few more details on this issue?








1. The type of chart you are using.


2. A snap shot/image of the desired effect you want on the chart.




Could you please confirm whether you want a single label for two columns or something similar to that?




In case, the above is true, could you please use the attribute labelStep to achieve this?






I hope this helps.

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Hi, the link above is very useful, but my problem is simpler ;).


I want one label for one column.




The label content has a lot of chars. Label content example: 'FirstName1 LastName1 FirstName2 LastName2'. I want the label to be displayed on two rows, with the line break after 'LastName1', like:


FirstName1 LastName1


FirstName2 LastName2 .




If possible the label should be rotated diagonally:D. Is this possible ?

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