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Using Fusion Chart in an Webuser Control

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I use the following code in a webuser control and register it in an aspx page. Every thing is fine when first time page is loaded and postback also. But when asynchronous postback using ajax the charts are not rendering. help needed it just displays word chart




Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd)


Dim dtbl As New DataTable




Dim output As String


Dim strChartNode = String.Format("caption='sales by month' showBorder='0' labelDisplay='ROTATE' slantLabels='1' formatNumberScale='0' NumberPrefix='$' bgColor='FFFFFF'")


output = utils.DisplayFusionChart(strChartNode, dtbl, "", strChart, "saleschart", strWidth, strHeight)




Panel2.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl(output))










Function DisplayFusionChart(ByVal strChartNode As String, ByVal dtbl As DataTable, ByVal strLink As String, _


ByVal strChart As String, ByVal strChartName As String, ByVal strWidth As String, ByVal strHeight As String) As String




Dim strXML As String


strXML = ""


For Each dr As DataRow In dtbl.Rows


If strLink <> "" Then


strXML += ""




strXML += ""


End If




strXML += ""


Return InfoSoftGlobal.FusionCharts.RenderChart(strChart, "", strXML.ToString(), strChartName, strWidth, strHeight, False, False)


End Function

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