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Chart is not shown in my application

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Hi friends,




I'm creating an XML-doc which is attached in my application and I want to show it in a page which has it's master page and site map. But it's not shown! The chart should draw when a button click happen.




I should add that I refer my XML doc in your sample code it create the chart beautifully (Your BasicChart example is added to my solution so the XML and addressing is checked)




I think it's my problem in pose the chart in a correct location, maybe. Would you please advise me?










p.s. Check the attachments please.








protected void AverageTermChart_click(object sender, EventArgs e)




FCLiteral.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/FCF_Line.swf", "Admin/csvImporter/Confirm/xmlChart.xml", "", "myFirst", "600", "300", false);







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Could you please check the path which should be relative to the application path and not to the master page path?




Please also let us know what you are getting instead of the chart. If it is blank space taking up the space where you right click and it says 'movie not loaded' its definitely a path issue.




It can be an issue with FusionCharts.js not being loaded correctly if you are getting a text 'chart' instead.

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