Chart Types (Aliases) for FusionCharts DOM

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Below is a list of chart "aliases", their corresponding SWF files and its availability in various packages. The first column (alias) is to be used in the "type" attribute of FusionChartsDOM

Alias v3 SWF FileName vFree SWF FileName
DragColumn2D DragColumn2D.swf Not Available
DragLine DragLine.swf Not Available
DragArea DragArea.swf Not Available
ErrorBar2D ErrorBar2D.swf Not Available
SelectScatter SelectScatter.swf Not Available
DragNode DragNode.swf Not Available
Kagi Kagi.swf Not Available
LogColumn2D LogMSColumn2D.swf Not Available
LogLine2D LogMSLine.swf Not Available
MultiLevelPie MultiLevelPie.swf Not Available
MultiAxisLine MultiAxisLine.swf Not Available
Rradar Radar.swf Not Available
Funnel Funnel.swf FCF_Funnel.swf
Candlestick Candlestick.swf FCF_Candlestick.swf
Gantt Gantt.swf FCF_Gantt.swf
Spline2D Spline.swf Not Available
MSSpline2D MSSpline.swf Not Available
SplineArea2D SplineArea.swf Not Available
MSSplineArea2D MSSplineArea.swf Not Available
InverseArea2D InverseMSArea.swf Not Available
InverseColumn2D InverseMSColumn2D.swf Not Available
InverseLine2D InverseMSLine.swf Not Available
Waterfall Waterfall2D.swf Not Available
Scatter Scatter.swf Not Available
Bubble Bubble.swf Not Available
Column3D Column3D.swf FCF_Column3D.swf
Column2D Column2D.swf FCF_Column2D.swf
MSColumn3D MSColumn3D.swf FCF_MSColumn3D.swf
MSColumn2D MSColumn2D.swf FCF_MSColumn2D.swf
StackedBar2D StackedBar2D.swf FCF_StackedBar2D.swf
StackedColumn3D StackedColumn3D.swf FCF_StackedColumn3D.swf
StackedColumn2D StackedColumn2D.swf FCF_StackedColumn2D.swf
StackedBar3D StackedBar3D.swf Not Available
StackedArea2D StackedArea2D.swf FCF_StackedArea2D.swf
StackedColumn3DLineDY StackedColumn3DLineDY.swf Not Available
Pie2D Pie2D.swf FCF_Pie2D.swf
Pie3D Pie3D.swf FCF_Pie3D.swf
Doughnut2D Doughnut2D.swf FCF_Doughnut2D.swf
Donut2D Doughnut2D.swf FCF_Doughnut2D.swf
Doughnut3D Doughnut3D.swf Not Available
Donut3D Doughnut3D.swf Not Available
Line2D Line.swf FCF_Line.swf
MSLine2D MSLine.swf FCF_MSLine.swf
Bar2d Bar2D.swf FCF_Bar2D.swf
MSBar2D MSBar2D.swf FCF_MSBar2D.swf
MSBar3D MSBar3D.swf Not Available
Area2D Area2D.swf FCF_Area2D.swf
MSArea2D MSArea.swf FCF_MSArea2D.swf
MSCombi2D MSCombi2D.swf Not Available
MSCombi3D MSCombi3D.swf Not Available
MSCombiDY2D MSCombiDY2D.swf FCF_MSColumn2DLineDY.swf
MSStackedColumn2D MSStackedColumn2D.swf Not Available
MSStackedcolumn2DLineDy MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf Not Available
MSColumn3DLineDY MSColumn3DLineDY.swf FCF_MSColumn3DLineDY.swf
MSColumn3DLine MSColumnLine3D.swf Not Available
ScrollArea2D ScrollArea2D.swf Not Available
Scrollcolumn2D ScrollColumn2D.swf Not Available
ScrollLine2D ScrollLine2D.swf Not Available
ScrollCombi2D ScrollCombi2D.swf Not Available
ScrollCombiDY2D ScrollCombiDY2D.swf Not Available
ScrollStackedColumn2D ScrollStackedColumn2D.swf Not Available
RealtimeArea RealTimeArea.swf Not Available
RealtimeColumn RealTimeColumn.swf Not Available
RealtimeLine RealTimeLine.swf Not Available
RealtimeStackedArea RealTimeStackedArea.swf Not Available
RealtimeStackedColumn RealTimeStackedColumn.swf Not Available
RealtimeAngular AngularGauge.swf Not Available
RealtimeBulb Bulb.swf Not Available
RealtimeCylinder Cylinder.swf Not Available
RealtimeHorizontalLED HLED.swf Not Available
RealtimeHorizontalLinear HLinearGauge.swf Not Available
RealtimeThermometer Thermometer.swf Not Available
RealtimeVerticalLED VLED.swf Not Available
SparkLine SparkLine.swf Not Available
SparkColumn SparkColumn.swf Not Available
SparkWinLoss SparkWinLoss.swf Not Available
HorizontalBullet HBullet.swf Not Available
VerticalBullet VBullet.swf Not Available
Pyramid Pyramid.swf Not Available
DrawingPad DrawingPad.swf Not Available
ExportComponent FCExporter.swf Not Available
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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Matthew,

Could you please try using the script mentioned below, just after the inclusion of the FusionChartsDOM.js ?

Ref.- <script type="text/javascript">

  _FCD.R.chartAlias['ssgrid'] = ['SSGrid', -1];


Hope this helps. :P

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Guest Angie

Dear User,


We are delighted to announce that PowerCharts is now ready for your iPads and iPhones too. We have just released PowerCharts v3.2. Starting v3.2, PowerCharts has HighCharts embedded within it, and offers both Flash and JavaScript (HTML5) charting . The Flash charts are displayed on a majority of devices and the JavaScript charts on devices that do not support Flash, all of it without writing a line of code.


Automatic rendering of JavaScript charts on devices (like iPad and iPhone) where Flash player is not supported.


5 new chart types:


Heat Map Chart


Box and Whisker Chart


Step Line Chart


Error Line Chart


Error Scatter Chart



* Support for JSON data format.


* Support for LinkedCharts, where a single data source controls multiple charts.


* Interactive legends in charts allow selective showing/hiding of data series.


* Legends now support icons for each data series.


* Better management of labels on charts.


* Labels now have an auto rendering mode to prevent them from overlapping, the chart selects the best display mode depending on the length of the labels and the width of the chart.


* Long labels are truncated, with ellipses appended to the truncated end of each label, and a tooltip bearing the completed label text is displayed when the user hovers over a truncated label.


* Support for line breaks and wrapping in all text elements including: caption, sub caption, X-axis title, Y-axis title, Labels and tooltips.


* In Line charts, data values can now be positioned either above or below the dataplots. Automatic positioning of data values is also supported.


* In Step-line charts dataplots can be joined using vertical lines.


* Custom alignment of caption and sub caption using STYLES.


* Advanced print management using JavaScript.


* Additional options for efficient event handling using JavaScript.


* Support for dynamic update of chart properties using JavaScript(barring select scatter and drag charts).


* Charts now support % based sizes along with dynamic resizing (barring select scatter and drag charts).



Learn more about everything new in PowerCharts v3.2 at : http:/


We would love to hear from you at:

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Hi all, is there any way to set the max value in the Y axis when using " FCF_StackedArea2D.swf " ??

i'm a little lost.. please your help..


thnks in advance ..

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