Can I pass my xmlData to the form called with the ClickURL method?

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On my ClickURL method, of my chart, I call another web page that is exactly like the calling page, except the chart is larger.




When I call this new page via: <chart clickURL='NewLargerVersionOfSameChart'


is it possible to pass the xmlData to it, from the calling form? Or do I have to regather all my XMLdata again?

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


Could you please let us know, whether you are specifying the width and the height of the chart in '%' or in 'pixels'?

Awaiting your reply. 

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Guest Madhumita





You can try following the steps below and see if this helps:




1. clickURL calls a JavaScript function


2. This JS function doest getXML() on chart


3. After getting XML, prepare the final url of the larger chart by appending this data as querystring.


Note: escape() the data before adding to url.


4. Do of the above url.




Also, (in case of large data) you may POST to another page. This can be done by having a form with method POST and action as the largerChartURL. Also target is set to _blank.




Now, we also have a hidden field in this form, whose value we change using JavaScript in step (3) above.


Then instead of step (4), we simply do form.submit()

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