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different prefix in the same chart

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Is it possible to use different Number Prefix, Suffix and Number Scale in a Single Chart? In my example below i want to show the number of PLAYCOUNT of online music and the REVENUE generated in a Column3dLineSingleY. The PLAYCOUNT series have no prefix but i want to add a "$" sign before each REVENUE value, is it possible to do so?


Aslo, is it possible to have different number scale of these 2 series?


If not possible do u have any suggestion on which chart i should use in my case?


Thanks in advance


<chart caption='Monthly Playback and Revenue' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' formatNumberScale='0' showValues='0'  showYAxisValues='0' rotateValues='1' placeValuesInside='1'  showLegend='1'>
  <category label='Apr'/>
  <category label='May'/>
  <category label='Jun'/>
  <category label='Jul'/>
  <category label='Aug'/>
 <dataset seriesname='No. of Playback' parentYAxis='P' showValues='1'>
  <set value='5716' />
  <set value='19125' color='66FD5E'/>
  <set value='21431' color='FF8888'/>
  <set value='19018' color='FFFFFF'/>
  <set value='15384' />
 <dataset seriesName='Licensing Revenue' parentYAxis='S' includeInLegend='1'>
  <set value='51444'/>
  <set value='172125'/>
  <set value='192879'/>
  <set value='171162'/>
  <set value='138456'/>
  <line startValue='10000' color='91C728' displayValue='Target' showOnTop='1'/>
  <style type='font' color='666666' name='CaptionFont' size='15' />
  <style type='font' name='SubCaptionFont' bold='0' />
  <apply toObject='caption' styles='CaptionFont' />
  <apply toObject='SubCaption' styles='SubCaptionFont' />

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