Update on FusionCharts DOM

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Just wanted to get an update on the status of the FusionCharts DOM project. I have been playing a lot with the FusionCharts DOM (1.1 Beta) and the JQuery plugin.

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We are scheduled for the upcoming release of jQuery plugin for FusionCharts Free within next month. Post that, we would convert FusionCharts DOM 1.1 beta into a final release.




Simultaneously, we would be working on FusionCharts v3 jQuery plugin beta (with added support for chart events,) and DOM 1.2 beta (with added support for parsing of tags added dynamically using AJAX.)




These products are in a way community products as their development is totally driven by user and developer feedback. :)


A feedback from you would be really helpful before the final releases as that would make sure that it meets all your requirements.




We will keep you posted in advance.

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