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Slow reloading dynamic graphs

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I have a page set up where a user can create a graph according to various options they set on the page. Then they hit the submit button and code-behind generates XML to present the graph.




However, there is a large pause in the process that is dependant on the PREVIOUS graph, not the one it is drawing. I have confirmed with timestamps that somewhere between the user clicking the button, and the code beginning to execute, there is a pause of exactly the same amount of time it would take to re-calculate the XML it is already using.




Here's an example to clarify.




Time Action




0 Page is already created, with a graph that took 20 seconds to generate. User clicks submit button for a different, much faster graph (say 5 seconds to generate)


20 First timestamp in code is reached. (20 seconds after button clicked, same 20 seconds as previous graph took to generate)


25 Graph is generated.


30 User submits a different graph (for example, one that takes 10 seconds to create).


35 First timestamp is reached (note, this is 5 seconds after clicking, and the last graph took 5 seconds to generate).


45 Second graph is generated.






I'm not very good at explaining these things! I am not sure, in fact fairly doubtful, that this is a problem with FusionCharts. I suspect it is more to do with the way ASP processes large amounts of XML data on a postback event. However I'm hoping someone has run into the same issue and can help.

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Against which chart are you plotting the data?

Also, can you please give us a live link to this and elaborate what the problem is?

Ideally, we would recommend to switch the debug mode of chart to on - that'll give you a lot of insight too.

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