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Link Max Character Size(link attribute)

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i need the maximum length of characters supported in the link attribute in SET tag.

I have included a javascript call in link attribute which when clicked on bar will call that particular javascript function in a jsp. Its performing well till specific length of characters. But, if the characterd exceed a certain limit, then the script call is not getting fired.

Please help me in finding out a solution for this

Below is my code:

<chart caption=' ' xaxisname="Gender" yaxisname="Employee Number" palette="4"  decimals="0" enableSmartLabels="1" enableRotation="0" bgColor="99CCFF,FFFFFF" bgAlpha="40,100" bgRatio="0,100" showBorder="1" showAboutMenuItem="0" labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1">

<set toolText="M" value="2" link="JavaScript:drillDownJS('M','344','wherecdn',' AND ASG_PRIMARY_FLAG = (^Y^) AND ASSIGNMENT_TYPE = (^E^) AND TO_DATE(^11-Jun-2010^,^DD-MON-YYYY^) BETWEEN PERSON_EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PERSON_EFFECTIVE_END_DATE AND EMPLOYEE_FULL_NAME IN (^Elkins, Kurt Bradley (Kurt)^) AND TO_DATE(^11-Jun-2010^,^DD-MON-YYYY^) BETWEEN ASG_EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND ASG_EFFECTIVE_END_DATE','As%20of%20Date^Employee%20Full%20Name','#11-Jun-2010#^#Elkins,%20Kurt%20Bradley%20(Kurt)#','viewName');" label="M"/>


Thanks in advance

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