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Creating xml dataset with datatable for multi series Column3d chart

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hi friends!!!!!!

i have a datatable having data fetch from database

but i am unable to create the dataset for xml bcoz sometime my dataset (Service Name) reapiting twise or more then thrice

unable to fit it in category below is my datatable

Service name Month   count

Account Holder January 2

Account Holder   July 1

Account Holder   June   3752

Account Holder   October 1

Corporate Service August   2

Corporate Service January   3

Corporate Service July 3

Corporate Service June   1272

Corporate Service October 1

Customer Services July 1

Customer Services June   698

Sales Services July   2

Sales Services   June   21

Services Details   June   41

VIP July  1

VIP June   2

please suggest a way to create xml ASAP

Thanks in advance.

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Could you please try using Multi Series (Column/Area/Bar) charts to solve the purpose?

Also, please try to give the "Service Name" as the the value for the attribute "label" for <category> element.

One name can appear repeatedly as the X-Axis label as it is a string value which has no limitations of repeatition.

Please refer to the following links for details on the Multi Series XML format:


Could you please let us know which Scripting language you are using to fetch the XML data from the database so as we can help you with that?

Looking forward to your reply.

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