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Basic usage of FusionCharts with JSP

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Hi guys,

I am a novice user to the FusionCharts and I am trying to place it with my test JSP page. It is not rendering the results at all. I have done all the basics with static installations properly and tested it. But as soon as i moved to JSP it is not working at all . I am pasting the code below for further reference.


Please if someone can redirect me towards an example application of JSP using FusionCharts.


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I have modified the jsp given by you. Please find the jsp in the attached zip file.

Here is the list of changes that were made to the jsp :

1. In the chart xml (dataXML), replace all double quotes (escaped) with single quotes when specifying values for attributes.

2. Use the setDataXML function to set the xml string to the chart object (myChart).

Root element of XML data document has been changed from <graph> to <chart> (from v2.3 to v3 ). However, <graph> element would still continue to work from your old XML documents. But, we recommend using <chart> element for any new charts that you now make.



FusionCharts Team

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