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Draw Existing Chart In A New Windows From Javascript In Fusion Chart 3.2

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I try to draw an already existing chart from a web page to another one open via javascript

There are no drawing data arrive in the new windows


	var cloneChart=chartInCurrentWindows.clone();
	alert(cloneChart.getXMLData());//data from cloned chart are ok
	var width = cloneChart.width;
	var height =cloneChart.height;//with and height are ok
	var doc =  w.document;
	var div = doc.createElement('div'); = 'divInOtherWindows';



Note 1 : if i try to draw the chart in current windows (uncommenting line cloneChart.render("oneExistingIdInCurrentPage") and commenting the previous one) everything is fine for this chart.

Note 2 : if i try to draw in 'divInOtherWindows" something is done by FusionChart in node: the empty chart '<span id="chartobject-1"></span>' is added but no data is send to it in firefox,and error js will be done in ie.

Note 3 : i use FusionChart 3.2


Can you tell me what is wrong with my code ?


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Guest Basundhara Ghosal



As of now, we are not able to fix any timeline for the resolution of the cross-frame scripting issue.


As a work-around, if you set the second parameter of the clone function to 'true', you can get the set of the parameters, using which if you create a new chart, it would look similar to the parent chart but being a new individual chart.


For further details on the same, please refer to the link below :-




I hope this helps.

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