Eliminate Rounded Edges On Pie + Doughnut

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Dear Fusion Support,


My client has object to the slight "rounding" of the edges on pie and doughnut charts. They believe it makes it look a bit '3-D', although I am using the 2D Flash. Their branding requires charts to look completely flat.


I can't seem to find a parameter that affects that (don't believe it is gradient? and edge attributes don't appear to affect it?). Is it possible to eliminated the rounded edges and render pies and doughnuts completely flat?


Apologies if this is a previously asked question, as I believe I may have asked it during the time of the old forums / new forums conversion, but I don't believe I ever saw and answer, and I can't find the question in the current system.





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Are you talking about the shadow on the edges, as seen here?




Yes, shadowing then! One of my biggest challenges in using this (excellent) product is not knowing what to call all of the numerous visual elements! To me it is a 3D effect of rounded edges. But yes, I think we're talking about the same thing.

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Yep, it's a lot to learn. I've only been using it for a month or two, but we have a big reporting push here so I've been working with it pretty much 7 days/week.


Let me know how you make out, and if you have any other questions.

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