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Fusioncharts Swing Integration

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Hi everybody,


We finally have a working example for FusionCharts in a Java Swing-based desktop application.


FusionCharts Swing application requires the JFlashPlayer and DJNativeSwing libraries for embedding flash in swing components.


Please note that this example works only in Windows environment becuase of the JFlashPlayer limitation.


Apart from these jars, the application also requires the following FusionCharts jar files:

1. fcswing.jar

2. fchelper.jar

3. fcexporter.jar

4. fcexporthandler-swing.jar


Please place the jflashplayer jar and DJNativeSwingjar files in the lib folder before testing.


Please read the guidelines for setup in Readme.txt


Please run FusionChartsSwingMenu to view a basic menu to launch the examples.


Please view the documentation by opening Documentation > HtmlDocs > index.html


Please note that these examples are basic ones with no great look and feel.


Please try this out and if you face any issues, get in touch.


Your feedback is valuable to us. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions on this.








Keep FusionCharting!

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