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Interactivelegend Not Interacting With Php-Created Fusionchart

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I'm using FusionCharts v2.3.1 on Chrome.

The HTML below was created using FusionCharts.php (but I put this post in General as the end result is HTML).

You'll note that I added interactiveLegend='1', however my legend does not interact; clicking on items in the legend does nothing.


<!-- START Script Block for Chart ScrollCombiDY2D58 --> 

<div id="ScrollCombiDY2D58Div">
<script type="text/javascript" >
var chart_ScrollCombiDY2D58 = new FusionCharts("/Charts/ScrollCombiDY2D.swf", "ScrollCombiDY2D58", "950", "550", "0", "0", "","noScale","EN"); 
//Provide entire XML data using dataXML method
chart_ScrollCombiDY2D58.setDataXML("<chart showValues='0' decimals='0' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0' plotGradientColor='' numVisiblePlot='30' showlegend='1' showLegend='1' interactiveLegend='1' caption='test' xAxisName='Group 1/Group 2' PYaxisname='Count' SYaxisname='%25' SYAxisMaxValue='100.1'  ><categories  ><category label='1'  /><category label='2'  /><category label='3'  /><category label='4'  /></categories><dataset  seriesName='Visits'  ><set  value='0'  /><set  value='34'  /><set  value='1'  /><set  value='1095'  /></dataset><dataset  seriesName='Contacts'  ><set  value='0'  /><set  value='12'  /><set  value='1'  /><set  value='71'  /></dataset><dataset  seriesName='Optins'  ><set  value='60'  /><set  value='46'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /></dataset><dataset  seriesName='Conversions'  ><set  value='4'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /></dataset><dataset  seriesName='Conversions rate' parentYAxis='S'  ><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /></dataset><dataset  seriesName='Billing Rate' parentYAxis='S'  ><set  value='6.6666666666667'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /><set  value='0'  /></dataset><styles><definition><style name='ChartStyle' type='animation' param='_xScale'  start='0'  duration='1'  /></definition><application><apply toObject='Canvas' styles='ChartStyle'  /></application></styles></chart>");

<!-- END Script Block for Chart ScrollCombiDY2D58 -->


Any help is greatly appreciated.





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