The Type Or Namespace Name 'infosoftglobal' Could Not Be Found (Are You Missing A Using Directive Or An Assembly Reference?)

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I am trying to use the FusionCharts Evaluation version to demo the charts before we buy them. I have tried including them into our current project but I am receiving the following error:

"The type or namespace name 'InfosoftGlobal' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"


For some reason, we can use the demo website under the Download Package > Code > CS folders; we are able to use the "Start Debugging" mode under Visual Studio 2010. However, when trying to bring it over into our current project, is is not finding the 'InfosoftGlobal' namespace.



I am going through the online documentation, specifically: (section: Using FusionCharts with ASP.NET 2.0 (C#) > Basic Example)

I have done the following:

1) Copied the charts and JavaScript class files contained in Download Package > Code > CS > FusionCharts folder, to our project's root directory

2) Copied the FusionCharts.dll (contained in Download Package > Code > CS > Bin folder) to the 'bin' folder of our Project.

3) Copied FusionCharts.cs file from Download Package > Code > CS > src folder to our App_Code folder.

4) Copied the FusionCharts.dll (contained in Download Package > Code > CS > Bin folder), to the our GAC (Global Assembly Cache) of the Developer's machine. I went to C:\Windows\Assembly folder and dragged and dropped FusionCharts.dll into this folder (Windows 7 Enterprise)

5) Went to the root folder of our Project and entered the following lines under the web.config file:




<add assembly="FusionCharts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=58bb3098fe7f0ede"/>



6) Created a new page (SimpleChart.aspx) to continue with the online documentations and tried typing "using InfosoftGlobal;" in the code-behind page when I got the error described above.

7) I even added a reference to FusionCharts.dll into your project, because it wasn't working.




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