Cannot Hide A Label...

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Unless I am terribly wrong, on of the following XML lines


	<entity id='001' value=' ' displayValue=' ' />




	<entity id='001' value=' 234' displayValue=' ' />



	<entity id='001' displayValue=' ' />


shoul hide labels completely...

well I do not know if it's a bug, but instead the label is empty,

like if it displays the space between the single quotes

(by the way, I have already tried to put just single quotes, without putting a space between them...)

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no, I must disagree. As you could see, I had already tried that, without success. It only worked putting


for each entity for whitch I wanted to hid the label.

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although to use showLabel='0' is the perfect solution to it you can also set displayValue to a blank value as workaround.


Could you please let us know (preferably with snapshot and XML) which map (swf) you are using so that we can check whether it is a bug?


Please note that you would need to refer to the correct Entity-ID (as per stated in the Map Specification Sheet of the selected map) to get the display value applied to the entity.


Please check the attached screenshot and the sample XML for FCMap_World.swf for which works perfectly at our end:


<map BorderAlpha='0'  showBevel='0' showShadow='0' fillcolor='886688'>
	<entity id='NA' value=' ' displayValue=' ' />
	<entity id='SA' value=' 234' displayValue=' ' />
	<entity id='EU'  displayValue=' '/>
	<entity id='AS'  value='3' displayValue='Oriental land'/>
	<entity id='AF' value='1' displayValue=' africa ' />
	<entity id='AU'  value='' displayValue='australia'  />

post-179-010516000 1304529073_thumb.jpg

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