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Abdoral Neto

Erro In Setdataxml

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I have a variable $xml who contains a string of xml to render a chart, if I do this:


chart.setDataXML('".$xml."') occus a erro;


But if I safe this string in a arquive like this:




$arquivoXml = fopen("/charts/docs/_dataXml/grafico.xml", "a+");

$eues = fwrite($arquivoXml, $xml);



and I do chart.setDataURL('/charts/docs/_dataXml/grafico.xml') the chart is render.


Whats the direrence?!

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Will it be possible for you to share (attach) the XML with us?


Please note that you might be having special characters like % & etc, which need to be URL Encoded or you might be having newline characters which needs to be removed before you can pass the XML as string from PHP.

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