Unable To Encode Buffered Image

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Hello to everybody!

this is my first post so maybe I will introduce myself: my name is Peter, I come from Poland, one year ago I finished my IT studies and now I am a programmer in small company which makes software for airlines industry. I have been developing statistics program for 2 months using FusionCharts and I am facing now with tough problem but lets get to point.


My dev environment: java 6, tomcat apache 6, fusioncharts v3.2.1, local machine win7 an destination test server running on linux

I implemented chart exporting as described in fusion doc with Server Side exporting and it works on my local machine with windows 7 - exporting PDF, images works correctly

But images exporting doesn't work on linux server (PDF works) and I can't find solution for this. Error is:

statusMessage= Unable to encode buffered image.


I read this topic , , tried solutions at and others but nothing.


Overall I read that it should work just with -DJava.awt.headless=true parameter but it doesn't. Maybe I've missed something. Does anybody know a solution to this?


thanks in advance, regards


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Set -Djava.awt.headless=true did not help in my case. I had to modify the Java code to make it work. Two key changes:


1: do not use Graphics object in

2: do not use BasicEncoder.encode(BufferedImage bufferedImage, OutputStream outputStream,

float quality, String format) method, use ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, format, outputStream) instead

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