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Fusioncharts_Gen.php And Ajax Call

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Trying to call a $.ajax function to render chart.


Here is the code when I click the button:



var strURL = "/MyFCPHPClassCharts/Charts/FirstAjaxChart.php";


type: "GET",

url: strURL,

success: function(msg){






the FristAjaxChart.php :



# Create Column3D chart Object

$FC = new FusionCharts("Line2D","300","250");

# set the relative path of the SWF file


# Set chart attributes

$strParam="caption=Weekly Sales;xAxisName=Week;yAxisName=Revenue;numberPrefix={:content:}quot;;


# add chart values and category names

$FC->addChartData("40800","label=Week 1");

$FC->addChartData("31400","label=Week 2");

$FC->addChartData("26700","label=Week 3");

$FC->addChartData("54400","label=Week 4");



<script language='javascript' src="MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></script>



# Render Chart






All I get is a brief flash of the word "Chart." appear in the place where I want the chart to appear.


What am I missing?


PS This is just to test how I am supposed to render vis Ajax - so the code is very basic. Later I will build the details.

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