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Can't Print From An Html Page (Server Side)

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We use a pdf generator to print an HTML page that contains a FusionCharts object.


The object shows fine as either flash or Javascript based if the client loads the HTML page, and can print from this page no problem from within the browser


When the pdf generator is used (server side) it is passed the HTML page - teh pdf is generated and the page prints, but the Chart is not shown (just the other HTML is shown)


There are no errors, but the chart is missing


I guess this is because when the page goes to print, the javascript has not yet completed, so the graph is not visible.


Is there any way we can force the chart to complete without dynamic building, so that the chart is ready to go when the pdf generator is called?


Thanks in advance



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Thanks for the response


I am trying to print via pdf from a Javascript rendered version, not flash....... to make sure the pdf writer is ok


THe sequence via a process on the server goes

1) create the HTML (Containing HTL and the javascript rendered chart)

2) call the pdf creator and give it the HTML page as a parameter

3) THe pdf creator then effectively loads the page in a browser and simulates a print


The resulting HTML page is printed, but there is no chart on the page


The pdf printer is from BCL Terchnologies, and is teh "easypdf SDK 6"


Thanks for any help


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