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  1. Hi Mark, Please find our answers below: 1. showVDivLines='1' ---> no vertical div lines Ans: We tried to render a Zoom Line chart with dummy data using your chart attributes and found that the vertical Div lines show up fine on the chart. This attribute when set to 1 enables the rendering of vertical divisional line for every data label, which seems to be showing up fine. Please refer the attached screenshot. 2. canvasPadding='2' --->canvas padding is enormous Ans: This attribute is not supported by Zoom Line chart. Please refer the XML API http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?ChartSS/ZoomLine.html for a list of attributes supported by Zoom Line chart. If you want to reduce the empty space that is present on the left and right side of your chart, then please use the attributes "chartLeftMargin" and "chartRightMargin" of chart element. Please refer the attached XML. 3. toolbar='c0392b' ---> no change of color for the buttons Ans: The attribute used to change the color of buttons is "toolbarButtonColor". Please refer : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/15732-button-color-for-zoomline/ 4. zeroPlaneColor='E51400' ----> did turn red, then disappeared Ans: This attribute seems to be working fine at our end. Please refer the attached screenshot. If this does not help, then please attach the entire XML data along with a screenshot of chart obtained. Data1.xml
  2. Button color for zoomline

    Hi Mark, If you want to change the color of tool bar buttons, then you need to use the attribute "toolbarButtonColor" and set it to the desired color code. Ref, <chart .... toolbarButtonColor='FFFFFF' > Hope this helps.
  3. Heatmap - handling big data

    Hi. The number of dataplots that can be plotted on a chart, depends on various factors. a. The number of charts rendered per page. If the number is more (even if the data points per chart chart is less) the performance may decrease. b. The chart type. Like: ZoomLine chart is capable of plotting more than 100k data points, without any performance issue. But normal Column2D chart can't. c. The system configuration. Like: RAM capacity, Processor speed and the number of processes running at the time of loading the charts in the browser d. Browser being used.(Eg. It is observed that the browsers like Chrome are faster than IE 8) However, setting off the chart animation, disabling tooltips, removing the applied custom styles might increase the performance for JavaScript charts. Hope this helps.
  4. Transparent Backgound

    Hi, Please try using the following to make the background of chart transparent: Ref. FusionCharts("After").setTransparent(true); Also, please try using the latest version of FusionCharts v3.3.1 SR3 and check if your problem gets resolved. Awaiting your response.
  5. Export Option Not Working Ie 8

    Please drop a mail to [email protected] along with your order details.
  6. Hi, The performance of charts generally depends on following factors: 1. Browser being used 2. Number of charts present in a page 3. Number of data plots for each chart 4. Types of other charts being used in the page (Single series chart, Multi-series chart, Real-time chart, Map etc) 5. Machine configurations 6. Concurrent scripts or processes running Ajax calls take time since the request first goes to server. However, if you see the Scatter chart taking lots of time, then please let us know the above so that we can help you accordingly. Awaiting your response.
  7. Transparent Loading

    Hi, Could you please attach some screenshots of the white gaps that you see so that we can understand your problem better? Awaiting your response.
  8. Waterfall Chart : Actual Vs Total Plan

    Hi Kiran, As said above, it is not possible to start the last column of Waterfall chart from the starting point of Y-axis value, as of now. If you want to show some other calculated value in the last column and it should start from Y-axis starting position(Same as first column position), then as a workaround to your requirement, you may use Stacked Column 2D chart from FusionCharts XT pack, instead of Water fall chart. You may set the alpha/transparency of a dataset to 0 so that the stacked columns appear to look like going incrementally higher. Please find an attached XML along with a screenshot of the Stacked Column 2D chart obtained. However, it is not possible to obtain connectors that you have in Water fall chart using this chart type. For information on Stacked Column 2D chart, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/ChartSS/StCol2D.html Also, if you want to use Water fall chart but do not want the last column to be the sum column, then you may set the attribute "showSumAtEnd" to 0. Ref. <chart .. showSumAtEnd='0' > Hope this helps. Data1.xml
  9. Hi, This does not look feasible, as of now. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, It seems that the XML data format that you have used does not confirm to the data format followed by Heat map chart. For the data format used by Heat map chart, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/powercharts/Contents/HeatMap/Overview.html We have modified your XML data accordingly and attached here for your reference. <chart showLegend='0'> <rows> <row id='r1' label=' '/> </rows> <columns> <column id='c1' label=' '/> <column id='c2' label=' '/> </columns> <dataset> <set rowId='r1' columnId='c1' value='100' displayValue='test' tooltext='test'/> <set rowId='r1' columnId='c2' value='100' displayValue='test' tooltext='test'/> </dataset> <colorRange mapbypercent='0' gradient='1' minValue='0' code='00CCFF' startLabel='Poor' endLabel='Good'> <color code ='66ADD9' maxValue='0' label='BAD'/> <color code ='F2CF63' maxValue='70' label='AVERAGE'/> <color code ='D99036' maxValue='100' /> </colorRange> </chart> Hope this helps.
  11. Export Option Not Working Ie 8

    Hi, This problem has already been logged as a bug and has been fixed internally. We shall update this thread when the fix gets released.
  12. Hi, It is not possible to obtain the JSON data in the desired format, as of now. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi, Do you want to show just one category and one series on the Marimekko chart? If yes, then you may use it in the following way: Eg. "categories": [ { "category": [ { "label": "Desktop" } ] } ], "dataset": [ { "seriesname": "A", "data": [ { "value": "335000" } ] } ] } Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Tom, It seems that the chart gets loaded before the container after which the chart again re-sizes itself according to the dimensions of the container. It is because of this reason that you see the problem of the chart legend getting distorted. To avoid this problem, please try the following : 1. On "onClick" event of each tab, call a function that disposes the chart and creates the chart again. 2. After disposing the chart, introduce some delay so that the container gets loaded before the chart. 3. Retain the code of chart creation in each of the Divs, so that you may choose to show a chart in the tab when the page is first loaded. Awaiting your feedback.
  15. Customized color of bars

    Hi, Yes, it is possible to specify custom color for each data plot or for each category. For specifying color for each data plot, you need to use "color" attribute at set level: Ref. <set .... color='FF0000' /> For specifying color for each dataset in a Multi-series chart, you need to use "color" attribute at dataset level: Ref. <dataset color='00FF00' ... > For more information, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?AttDesc/DataPlot.html Also, if you want to suffix all the numbers visible on the chart with "%", then you may use the attribute "numberSuffix" and set it to "%". Ref. <chart ... numberSuffix='%' > For more information, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?AttDesc/Number_Basics.html Hope this helps. Hope this helps.
  16. Issue with RTL languages

    Hi, We are able to replicate the problem at our end. Please find the attached screenshots of IE and Firefox browsers. We have used the below given code for testing purposes: Eg, <set label='مرحبا -* يناير' value='420000' /> We shall analyse more on the problem. Meanwhile, please try setting "labelDisplay" attribute to "Rotate" to avoid this problem. Ref. <chart ... labelDisplay='Rotate' ... > We shall get back to you on this,shortly.
  17. Issue with RTL languages

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Are you seeing this problem on all browsers or is there any specific browser that you see this problem in ? Also, please share your XML/JSON data that you are using along with the FusionCharts version, so that we can test it at our end. Awaiting your response.
  18. How to remove a Node from DragNode Chart

    Hi, We tried to create a sample and deleted a node by clicking on it. We also dragged one node and deleted the other. We found that correct node is getting deleted and also the co-ordinates for the other nodes remains the same. Please find an attached sample that we used for testing. Could you please modify the sample according to your implementation details and attach it again, so that we can check the problem at our end? Awaiting your response. DragNodeJSON.zip
  19. Angular Gauge Dial Value

    Hi, If you want to show a label near the dial instead of the dial value, then you may not show the dial value by setting "showValue" attribute to 0 and then use "text" type of Annotations. Ref. <dials> <dial value="100" rearExtension="10" showValue='0'/> </dials> <annotations> <annotationGroup id='Grp1' > <annotation type='text' x='300' y='370' label='Text' fontcolor='000000' /> </annotationGroup> </annotations> Please find an attached screenshot of the chart obtained. For more information on Annotations, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/widgets/Contents/Annotations/Text.html Hope this helps.
  20. Click one legend and hide more than one dataset

    Hi, Yes, the above mentioned workaround works with JavaScript version only. Another workaround around this, which again works with JavaScript charts only, is to use "LegendItemClicked" event to trap the click event on legend and then change the XML/JSON data of the chart. In this changed data, you may set the "visible" attribute of dataset to 0 for more than one datasets. For more information on "LegendItemClicked" event, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?JavaScript/API/Events.html Hope this helps.
  21. Click one legend and hide more than one dataset

    Hi, It is not possible to hide two datasets on click of a legend, as of now. However, as a workaround, you may have checkboxes above/below your chart and then on click of the checkboxes you may change the XML/JSON data of the chart. In this changed data, you may set the "visible" attribute of dataset to 0 for more than one datasets. By doing this, you will be able to achieve your need. Ref. <dataset .. visible = '0' > For changing the data on client side on click a checkbox, you may use setXMLUrl or setJSONUrl on the DOM ID of the chart. For more information of the same, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?JavaScript/JS_ChangeData.html For a demo of using checkboxes and modify the chart, refer : http://www.fusioncharts.com/explore/client-side-data-update Please note that this workaround works with JS charts only, and not with Flash charts. Hope this helps.
  22. Multi-Series not matching.

    Hi, If you want the gaps to be shown for the Line also, then you need to specify empty datasets in its corresponding dataset. Ref. <dataset parentYAxis="S" seriesName="Run-Rate"><set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C1%2C14%29%3B" value="4073"/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C7%2C1%29%3B" value="4656"/> <set/> <set/> <set/> <set/> <set/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C8%2C1%29%3B" value="4552"/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C9%2C1%29%3B" value="4569"/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C10%2C1%29%3B" value="4160"/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C11%2C1%29%3B" value="4147"/> <set link="javaScript%3AupdateProductChart%282014%2C12%2C1%29%3B" value="4092"/> </dataset> Also, please use the attribute "connectNullData" and set it to 0. This attribute lets you control whether empty data sets in your data will be connected to each other OR will they appear as broken data sets. Ref. <chart ... connectNullData='0' ..> Please find the screenshot of chart obtained after making the above said changes. Hope this helps.
  23. Hi, The "z" attribute depends on various factors like the width of the chart, chart margins etc. So,the size of the bubble increases proportionately depending on the size of other bubbles. Hence, if you set the size of all bubbles to the same value then they will have the same size, which is adjusted proportionately depending on the other factors like the width of the chart. Hope this helps.
  24. Multiple datasets on Dual axis charts

    Hi, Yes, the values 10M,20M ... have to be plotted on primary y-axis when you set parentYAxis='P' and hence, to accommodate this change the values of primary y-axis are changed. Hence, the use of attribute "parentYAxis" is vital for Dual y-axis charts. Hope this helps.