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Harini Pasupuleti

Fusion Charts Print In Google Chrome

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I am trying to use the print method in Fusion Charts using the below event listener code


FusionCharts.addEventListener (

FusionChartsEvents.PrintReadyStateChange ,

function (identifier, parameter) {


//alert("Chart is now ready for printing.");

isPrintChartReady = true;



if the variable is true I am using

FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint(); to print the page which has the graph.


But, in Google Chrome it is taking lot of time. It doesn' t seem it is working. While in all the the browsers, it gets displayed quickly.


Kindly let me know what is the issue at the earliest, as it is a production issue for us.


Thanks & Regards

Harini Pasupuleti

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Are you running the sample from local file system or from web server.


The latest Chrome has introduced a native Flash Player which seem to be buggy in certain cases and it even does not support allowing trusted locations while running locally.


Hence, would request you to check if you can change the Flash Player to the system's native Player from 'pepflashplayer' and try again.


Please check more on this Flash Player and how to disable it:

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