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Firefox Stops Displaying Chart If The Container Is Dragged And Dropped

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Not sure if you have any advice, but here's the problem. We contain our Fusion Charts in draggable divs so that our users can place the charts where they want on the page. Chrome and every version of IE is fine, but for some reason when you do this in Firefox, the chart stops displaying. We're left with just a blank area. The only way to get it to show again is to refresh the page. Also, this only happens on the Flash version of charts, the JavaScript versions do not exhibit this behavior.


I included two screenshots. The first shows the charts before I drag them and the second shows them after I drag them. Chrome and IE are both fine.


Thanks. It's not an emergency, but may be something you'd want to look into.



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We would surely like to look into these.


However, this needs an DOM element wise inspection (prefarably using Firebug) to check what happens to the Flash objects after dragging.


Can you please share a live URL (possibly with dummy data) where we can check this?

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