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If your requirement is to display legend in the form of a table, then you may use any one of the following approaches:


1. Grid Component


You may disable showing legend for the chart and use grid component along with it to show the legend in similar format. However, when you use this method, legend interactivity will no longer be available since Grid is a separate component.


For information on Grid component, you may refer :


2. Use Legend and give spaces in values


You may use the legend of the chart and give spaces in values of  "legendCaption"  and "seriesName" so that they get displayed like a table.


Eg.  <chart ... legendNumColumns='1' legendCaption='   Property           Change(%)'

<dataset seriesName='Demo         20%'>


In the above example    is used to give spaces in XML data. 


Since, legend is a part of the chart, legend interactivity is still available.


Hope this helps. 

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