the one categorie link can click,two or more categories can't click,help.

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hello,I'm a chinese,english is poor.
i find some issue that use fusion charts.
1.I use the 'ishtml'  property to categorie.when just one categorie,it's useful.  but two or more categories,it doesn't work.

2.other question,when use StackedColumn3D.swf ,the subCaption can't display.but use other Multi-Series Charts(like MSColumn3D.swf ),the subCaption show.


please help me to look the question, thanks again.


there is data file.

can't click data.txt

can click data.txt

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Please try using JavaScripts Charts, as we will not be supporting Flash charts anymore.


For the subCaption issue with regards to StackedColumn3D charts, if you have obtained the license, please drop a mail to [email protected] mentioning the order subscription id.


Hope this helps!


P.S: JavaScript charts will not support links in the data labels.

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