[bug] Not all chart labels show on bar2d in Firefox & IE

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I'm creating a chart that has up to 20 bars, and the labels all show up in Chrome. However, if you run the same code in Firefox or IE, you see label stepping happen when it shouldn't. Here's a JSFiddle that shows the issue:


Is there a work-around for this? I'm currently running FC version 3.4.1, but it appears to still be an issue in 3.10.1.


Thank you.

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Hope you are doing well.

We are glad to inform you that FusionCharts v3.12.1 release is available now.

You can download latest files from PUC portal:

You can also download evaluation version, using this link:

Version History link:

Please check for the issues reported and revert back to us if you have any queries.

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