Firefox chart background not transparent

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I started seeing this in Firefox version 49.0.1, and am now also seeing it in 49.0.2.  The Flash chart backgrounds are not transparent.


I've attached screenshots of how our charts look on both Firefox and Chrome.


Flash version is


Know what might be causing this?






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I should also mention that this issue is with version 3.2.2 of Fusioncharts, and the XML for the first chart is pasted below.

<chart Decimals="0" aboutMenuItemLabel="Export to Excel" aboutMenuItemLink="swfXML.aspx?ID=ColumnChart|160599|158229|10/24/2016|10/30/2016|158229.158230.158231.160598.160599|Week|0|0|E" alternateHGridColor="" baseFontColor="FFFFFF" bgAlpha="0,0" bgColor="000000" bgRatio="0" canvasBgAlpha="0" canvasBgAngle="0" canvasBgColor="FFFFFF" canvasBgRatio="0" canvasBorderAlpha="0" chartBottomMargin="20" chartLeftMargin="3" chartRightMargin="36" chartTopMargin="13" divLineColor="999999" forceDecimals="0" forceYAxisValueDecimals="0" formatNumberScale="1" labelDisplay="" legendBgAlpha="0" legendBorderAlpha="0" numberPrefix="$" numberSuffix="" outCnvBaseFontColor="FFFFFF" placeValuesInside="1" plotColor="FF00BB" plotFillAlpha="100" plotFillRatio="100" rotateLabels="" rotateValues="" showAboutMenuItem="1" showBorder="0" showExportDataMenuItem="" showLabels="" showLegend="0" showLimits="" showValues="" showYAxisValues="0" slantLabels="" toolTipBgColor="000000" toolTipBorder="FFFFFF" toolTipFontColor="FF00BB" toolTipSepChar="" yAxisName="" yAxisValueDecimals="0">
		<category Label="Budget"/>
		<category Label="Actual"/>
		<set color="EB0C81" toolText="" value="275000.0000"/>
		<set color="099015" toolText="" value="290000.0000"/>
			<style bgColor="000000" borderColor="666666" color="FFFFFF" font="Verdana" name="TTipFont" size="10" type="font"/>
			<apply styles="TTipFont" toObject="TOOLTIP"/>
	<ChartTitle chart_title="Media Spend"/>

We do have a more recent version of the charts for our new website.  However, we're keeping the old one up during the transition.  Until that's over, I need to continue supporting the old one.  And, as I mentioned previously, this works fine in browsers other than Firefox.


Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

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It seems to be an issue with Flash version 23. Kindly downgrade the Flash player version and check.
Flash based version is deprecated now,and support is not available for the same.

Hope this helps,

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